How to put together a fail-proof first aid kit for the holidays

2015-12-06 07:30 - Louzel Lombard
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Cape Town - With the holiday season upon us, South Africa's roads will be crammed with holiday-makers who want to claim their spot on SA's shores during December.

With the increase in traffic, unfortunately, come an increase in road accidents too.

That's why ER24 put together the following infographic with the absolute must-haves of a good first aid kit.

"All members of the public should have a basic first aid kit close by in case of emergencies," they say.

The first aid kit is handy for treating minor injuries while travelling, and will be handy in the car as well as at your final destination.

5 More essentials we always travel with:

- Sunscreen 

- Soothing after-sun gel

- Aspirin

- Antihistamine

- Antidiarrheal medication and/or a mild laxative

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