Forget fridge magnets! Here's the one souvenir to buy when travelling to these 10 countries

2018-11-06 18:00 - Marisa Crous
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Coffee in Kenya. (PHOTO: iStock)

Before a trip I always google "What to buy in...."

I want to know what the one thing is that is authentic to shop in the destination, like Tanzanite in Tanzania, rum in Mozambique or camel milk choccies in Dubai.

Better than getting a fridge magnet or some silly touristy souvenir, get one of these delights instead: 


Obviously Turkish Delights. Istanbul's Grand Bazaar is packed with goodies, from glass lamps to sizeable hand-woven carpets. But transporting these items can be tricky.

Visit the Spice Bazaar and get some Turkish Delights instead. Here they are sold per kg.

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Usually around 25 Turkish Tira per kg (R66), it's really an affordable souvenir and gift to bring folks back home. 

Get the rose ones - they're everyone's favourite. 

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Turkish coffee pot on white wooden background


Get some of the delicious Mozartkugeln (Mozart Balls). Think chocolate-coated truffles filled with pistachio-flavoured marzipan and nougat. Mmmm....

Austria, Salzburg, June 22,2012: Selective focus o


Rome is an excellent place to shop leather handbags at affordable prices. And San Lorenzo Market in Florence is known for having the best leather goods in the country, so be sure to pop in if in the area.  

The Netherlands

Get some beautiful blue and white crockery in the form of Delftware. Named after the city it's made in, Delft, there used to be over 33 factories producing these beauties. Now only one remains


Indulge in some port wine in the only region in the world it's produced in, Duoro Valley. Buy some of this sweet, after-dinner wine to enjoy back at home. 

Czech Republic

Known for their bohemian crystal, this might be a tricky one to bring all the way back to South Africa. Yet you can find some great deals on crystal in Prague in particular. 

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Get some dad knits. Yes, this is the place to stock up on some epic winterwear. The cosier the better. Dale of Norway is a Norwegian brand known for its quality knitwear, so be sure to get yourself a woolie jumper that will (almost) last you a lifetime. 


Get bottled butter. Yes, it sounds rather strange but it's a staple in North Brazil. Basically, a bottle filled with locally-made butter left on the table at room temp to be used with meals. 

Aerial view of the Christ Redeemer overlooking Rio


Coffee beans for sure! The largest producer of coffee in East Africa, you can pick up a bag or two when taking a tour of some of the local coffee farms. 


Coconut chips can be bought almost everywhere for next to nothing. It's the ideal snack and has a simultaneously sweet and salty taste - just be aware of the really high fat content.  


This is the BEST one, Samui Coconut Chips...

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