Couples in long-distance relationships can now find budget 'meet in the middle' destinations with this search tool

2019-02-14 12:00
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Living in different cities or even different continents than the one you love, can be super taxing on a relationship.

I lived for 6 months in Amsterdam back in 2009 while my partner was in Cape Town. And this was before FaceTime or Whatsapp. Sufficed to say, it was difficult. 

Yet, even with technology, being apart has a lot of drawbacks as you miss out of the everyday details of each other's lives. Luckily, tech has also now found a way to encourage couples to find and discover destinations together. 

In celebration of Valentine's Day, travel app and search engine Kayak is now helping couples separated by distance to 'meet in the middle'. Using the new Rendezvous tool, couples are able to search for the cheapest destinations any time of year as determined by combined ticket costs. 

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Using the tool I punched in Cape Town and Johannesburg as a hypothetical. The search engine spat out a few holiday destinations currently offering deals and cheap flights to consider: 

Kayak, search

But this is not just exclusively for couples as you can also use this tool to plan reunions with friends and family living around the world. 

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