WATCH: South Korea, Singapore and UAE jostling for world's most powerful passport + 3 SA passport facts worth knowing

2019-06-04 09:33
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If there is one thing South Africans know, it's that not all passports are created equal. 

Mojo Travel have taken a look at two of the world's most recognised rank listings for travel documents, namely the Henley passport index, as well as the Passport index to detail the Top 10 Powerful Passports of 2019.  

One of the main issues is that some indexes count visa on arrival as free-access destinations, whereas others might count these as visa-free. It is important to note that this list is based on early 2019 rankings and passport rankings change all the time. Watch the video above to see the world's most powerful passports ranked - with Japan, Germany, South Korea, Singapore and UAE all jostling in the top five. 


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