#TopSecret: Rarest Passport in the World?

2017-06-15 10:30 - Ishani Chetty
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A passport so rare that you can travel nearly any where around the world with it - imagine, a single passport is your access key to almost everywhere and anywhere in the world!? 

South Africans are allowed to travel to 93 countries without a visa and this is an exciting prospect - what if we could go absolutely anywhere with just a single passport? 

The rarest passport in the world has been uncovered - in order to better understand where and if one can get there hands onto one we decided to dig a little deeper and unravel this mystery.

While not quite like the World Passport, who can forget the Mos Def debacle, it must be noted that there are only 3 of these passports in the world!

The Medieval Order passport 

The passport for Sovereign Military of Malta is the starting point -  this is the key to obtaining the rare and magical gateway key to the world. 

The Order of Malta is a Christian organization that is involved within the humanitarian realm in both social, cultural and political. Its focus is to help the world and those that are in a time of turmoil. Established since 1099 it is an organization focused on helping humankind as a medical charity. It has diplomatic relations with over 100 countries and has a permanent seat on the United Nations as an observer and liaison.  It is one of the oldest Christian institutions still present in the world.

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Unfortunately - if you are not a member of the Order of Malta obtaining this rare passport is impossible. Apologies for the disappointment. On the brighter side the AU is launching their uni-visa for member countries of the Southern African Development Community - allowing us to cross African boarders with a national African passport.  

Find out more about the AU 'All African Passport' : #AfriTravel: SADC passport on the cards? 

The three rare passports are only provided to the three highest officials in the Catholic Order and in the Sovereign Military of Malta. These three officials are, The Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master and the Chancellor. #GOT much?

Not everywhere you say?

Although the hype of the passport is that you can travel anywhere in the world - this is not entirely true. A few countries do not accept the passport when visiting the country.  

Among the few of these countries is the United States, United Kingdom and New Zealand who do not accept this 'rare' passport. 

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Passport Power

The Global Passport Index has reported that for 2017 the most powerful passports are held by Germany as holders are allowed to access 159 countries visa free.

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South Africa is ranked at number 47 but comes in third place for the most powerful passport in Africa. Seychelles is ranked at number 22 most powerful passport in the world and number one in Africa as holders can access 128 countries visa- free. 

Traveller24 Planning Tip - Warning : your passport 'expires' three months before it expires.

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