SA families welcome new Australian visa for parents

2017-09-02 13:13 - Selene Brophy
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Cape Town - Parents of expat South Africans living in South Africa, who have been longing to be reunited with their children will be very happy with this development set to come into effect in November 2017.  

A new visa announced by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection is set to take the stresses out of choosing to live in another country for whatever reason, whether for career prospects or peace of mind, while having to leave your family behind, especially elderly parents.

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The South reports that the temporary sponsored parent visa is set to allow some 150 000  Saffas living in Australia to bring their parents over for extended periods of time, starting from November 2017.

Although an epxensive process, it is much better than the “existing Parent visa options can take over 30 years to be granted or be very expensive”, according to professional advisory services company, Sable International.

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MD of Sable, Sam Hopwood is quoted as saying, “so many people immigrate to Australia leaving their parents behind and these parents lose out on irreplaceable years that could be spent with their children and grandchildren.”

Hopwood says the temporary sponsored parent visa will allow Australian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their parents to stay in Australia for up to five years at a time.

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A cumulative stay of up to ten years is also an option, with the visa renewable outside of Australia.

Here’s what you need to know if you are an expat South African who is an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen:

Cost: About R104 000 (AUD 10,000) for five years and just over R50 000 (AUD 5 000) for three years.  

Who can you apply for: A biological, adoptive, or step parents

Main requirements: - Provide valid evidence of identity

Important to note: Children applying for the visa will accept legal liability for any outstanding public health debt their sponsored parent accrues.

Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection will however review the temporary sponsored parent visa “at the end of the first programme year”.

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