Japan or the UAE: Who has the world's most powerful passport?

2018-12-05 14:00
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What makes a passport powerful? When it gets you into countries without a visa. 

For South Africans, the struggle has always been very, very real. A green mamba gets you into 102 countries visa-free or with a visa on arrival; but this is nothing compared to the likes of Japan, Singapore and Germany. 

The Passport Index just ranked the United Arab Emirates as having the world's most powerful passport with visa-free access to 167 destinations. That is 13 countries visa-free and 54 countries visa on arrival.

Overtaking Singapore and Germany, the Global Passport Power Rank of 2018, which ranks passports of the world according to their total visa-free score has found that the UAE is where it's at.

Travel and Leisure says that "It’s important to note that these rankings are fluid and change regularly based on diplomatic relations. There are also rival rankings that offer varying results".

Trusted index, Henley Passport Index contests the findings of The Passport Index, saying that the UAE falls in 21st place with access to 161 countries, either visa-free or with visas upon arrival.

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Japan is first in their books with a 190 visa-free destinations. Lucky!

One of the main issues is that some indexes count visa on arrival as free-access destinations, whereas others might count these as visa-free.

So the numbers vary from index to index based on the criteria. 

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