INFOGRAPHIC: Which African country is the most visa-friendly for other Africans?

2019-11-20 04:45 - Gabi Zietsman
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What better way to get Africans to travel Africa than to make it easier for us to visit our neighbours.

According to the Africa Visa Openness Report 2019 - created by the African Development Bank and the African Union Commission - the continent was the second-fastest-growing tourism region in 2018, with a growth of 5.6%, against a global average of 3.9%.

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Part of this includes a will from many of the continent's countries to improve their visa regimes, especially for fellow Africans. The report also created the Africa Visa Openness Index to rank how each country is faring. The two top countries that offer visa-free travel to all Africans are Seychelles and Benin, while the worst-performing country was Equatorial Guinea. South Africa ranked in 35th place.

From 2018, 87% of African countries either improved or maintained their score, while 13% decreased their score.

"An integrated Africa, where citizens are able to travel freely thanks to visa openness, will support Africa’s dynamic tourism sector and generate more jobs," says the report.

"At the same time, African travellers are tapping into the continent’s unique travel experiences, as global consumer trends show preferences for adventure tourism. The rise of ecotourism sites across Africa is also supporting more communities to sustainably manage their environmental resources."

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Find out more about the report and South Africa's position on visas for Africans below:

infographic on africa visa openness index

infographic on africa visa openness index

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