In case you're still confused, DHA minister confirmed unabridged birth certificates are officially not a requirement

2019-10-11 12:29
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If you were still confused about the unabridged certificate situation in South Africa, the Home Affairs minister just cleared it up.

In an interview with Moneyweb on SAFM on Tuesday on new visa changes being implemented, including the launch of a pilot e-visa system in Kenya, Home Affairs Minister Dr Aaron Motsaeledi clarified that unabridged birth certificates for minors visiting South Africa are not required, following confusion when it was repealed in April with the caveat that you should produce it if asked.

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"When officials implemented it, they said 'it’s no longer a requirement but you must carry it in case you are asked'. In other words, you make a good policy, and reverse in the next sentence," Motsaeledi told Moneyweb.

"So we have given the instruction that, look, it’s no longer wanted. You don’t have to carry it, you don’t have to produce it. The argument from Home Affairs was that it was to stop child-trafficking. Then we said no, no let’s not trouble tourists with this. Let’s find our own way of fighting child-trafficking, rather than using this method, which interferes with tourism. There ought to be another method to fight child-trafficking, and so that’s where we are at the moment."

This confirmation has been welcomed by CEO of Cape Town Tourism Enver Duminy, as there's still been some confusion.

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"What is key at this point is that this new directive is clearly communicated to officials at ports of entry to ensure the confusion around what is and isn't required from visitors is a thing of the past. More than anything, this confusion and mixed messaging has been a significant, if unknown, cost to tourism to South Africa.

The unabridged birth certificate had been an ongoing saga for three years, which has caused many problems for travellers to South Africa and the tourism industry.  

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