Robben Island soon to offer overnight stays

2015-09-25 14:49 - Sam Smith
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Cape Town - In less than 18 months travellers will have the opportunity to spend the night on Robben Island, with the national heritage site announcing they will soon offer overnight accommodation on the island. 

The new accommodation prospects were discussed as at a recent Heritage Day celebration in which Traveller24 was invited to spend a night on the island in the Governors House. 

The former prison for criminal and political prisoners, used during the colonial and apartheid regime in South Africa, is a heritage site and international tourist attraction. 

Previously no visitors have been allowed to overnight on the island. 

Visitors will be able to enjoy the authentic accommodation at the former governor of the island’s residence - overlooking the walkout point and the island's famous pool area. 

The rooms are spacious and will be decorated with a Victorian flair. No price point for the overnight stays have been disclosed by the island yet. 

The overnight offering forms part of an project that aims to overhaul the ailing visitor experience of the iconic SA heritage site. 

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Traveller24 reported in April this year of ambitious new plans for the improvement of Robben Island. Some of these improvements, for example a new smart phone application for the island, has already been launched successfully. 

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