Keen on a digital stay in Fortnite's Paradise Palms hotel? Here are 7 travel posters for famous gaming destinations

2019-03-04 18:00 - Gabi Zietsman
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Walking trails through the landscapes of Hyrule, luxurious stays in Fortnite's Paradise Palms hotel or escape the city to Red Redemption's Lagras River.

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Gaming is as much about exploring the fantastical world that your avatar finds themselves in as it is about completing missions. Discovering new and secret places in forgotten kingdoms and fast-paced megacities while either running for your life or saving the world takes you on an awesome digital trip - it may not be real life but the experiences can be almost as good.

The folks over TechTalk also thought so, and came up with seven irresistible travel posters for destinations in your favourite games, marking out the top attractions to stop at while you shoot or hack your way past your enemies.

Grab your controller or keypad and go on an adventure to these top digital escapes.

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Lagras, Red Dead Redemption 2

This is bayou country in the wild of Old America - where you're going to need a shotgun to ward off the pesky 'gators.

Things to see:

  • The tiny church: Despite its small stature, is sure to catch your eye. Crouch to get a better look inside.
  • The river: Lagras river is a great fishing spot with a bait and tackle shop just across the way.
  • Saint Denis: Neighbouring Saint Denis is a bustling metropolis where you can grab a bite to eat or chicken out with a real bed. 
travel poster

El Marro, Grim Fandango

People are dying to visit the Eighth Underworld, and there are so many distractions that it will take you forever to get to your final resting place.

Things to see:

  • The Department of Death, El Marrow: The Department of Death (DOD) is responsible for harvesting souls in the Land of the Living. Vacancies are always open and commission for new sales agents is excellent.
  • The Blue Casket, Rubacava: Open mic nights at the Blue Casket are great fun. Just don’t get talking to the beatnik revolutionaries.
  • Feline Meadows, Rubacava: The cat track is surely one of the first things you need to check out when you get to Rubacava. Take a bet and watch the giant cats streak down the track to the cheers of the crowd in attendance. 
  • Day of the Dead celebrations: If you’re around on the Day of the Dead (beginning October 31 – November 2), catch the celebrations in El Marrow. A carnival atmosphere and festivities await. 

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travel poster

Hyrule, Legend of Zelda

This is a stunning kingdom best explored with a travel buddy, where you can either rough it out in the wild or make friends in one of the villages - but watch out for the chickens.

Things to see:

  • Eventide Island: Located in the Necluda Sea, Eventide Island is only accessible by paragliding over vast swathes of ocean. That’s not without its risks, but once you’re there, the views are worth it.
  • Death Mountain: This volatile volcano spits ash and flows with lava, so admire the view from afar as opposed to getting too close.
  • Lost Woods: Located inside the Great Hyrule Forest, this wooded area is a magical stretch of closely-knit trees and lush grassland, and one that’s home to many secrets.
travel poster

Nuketown, Call of Duty

Calling all dark tourists! This Eastern Block town is perfect for adrenaline junkies looking for a little action in their lives.

Things to see:

  • The Nuketown sign: Nuketown has moved to Russia, something the famous sign makes clear.
  • The train cars: Nothing says ‘a nuclear testing facility in the middle of Cold War country’ like Soviet-era train cars.
  • The USSR propaganda posters: Look out for military diagrams and historic memorabilia inside the two outposts.

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travel poster

Columbia, Bioshock: Infinite

Take to the skies and wash away your sins for a fresh start in the Glorious City - but watch your step!

Things to see:

  • Monument Tower: Visible almost anywhere in the city, Monument Tower has been built by our Father, and it is said to be the place where his daughter Elizabeth is kept.
  • Battleship Bay: A stunning beachside location popular with Columbians, Battleship Bay has distractions for young and old.
  • Garden of New Eden: Located near the Welcome Centre where new inductees join our ranks, the garden is a place to pray.
  • New Eden Square: From the Square, you can get wonderful shots of Columbia. A statue of Father Comstock looks on proudly.
travel poster

Paradise Palms, Fortnite

This paradise has becomes super popular with gaming travellers looking to live out their mercenary fantasies.

Things to see:

  • The dinosaurs: Enormous dinosaur statues sit baking under the sunny skies. What’s not to love?
  • Paradise Palms hotel: Reasonably-priced with excellent amenities, this is the place to stay.
  • The view: Scale one of the red rocks and look out across the desert. You might even spot fertile greenery in the distance.

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travel poster for paradise palms fortnite

Halo Array, Halo

Travel the stars to the ring-shaped Halo Array where a secluded island will give you peace during an intergalactic war.

Things to see:

  • 343 Guilty Spark: Guilty cares a great deal about the Halo Array, so don’t be surprised if it wants to have a word.
  • Ancient buildings: Rumour has it the ancient buildings that dot the island was put there by the creators of Installation 04. But don’t dwell too much on the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’; just enjoy the peace.
  • The beach: What looks like a beautiful, naturally-occurring island was placed there by hand. Don’t let that put you off from sinking your toes in the sand, though.
travel poster

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