Double-tap: Instagram launches Albums to upload several photos in a single post

2017-02-02 12:31 - Louzel Lombard Steyn
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Cape Town - You know that dilemma you face of having to choose a single profound image to encapsulate a new destination or a travel experience on Instagram? 

Yes, the struggle is real. But Instagram knows this, which is why multi-photo Instagram galleries will be coming to your feed soon.

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Currently, only advertisers have the ability to publish several photos in a single post on Insta, which users can swipe through horizontally. But inside the latest beta release of Instagram for Android is evidence that this same feature is making its way to the app’s 600 million users.

According to some techy users, the function is still being tested out by Instagram, as it is still a bit 'buggy'. No doubt, however, that the app will clear out any hiccups and roll out the new update to iOS too. 

For now, it remains only a 'silent' feature on the Android upgrade.

How to upload an Album

Instead of tapping on a photo, you long-press. 

From there, a prompt instructs you to select up to 10 images or videos. You can apply a single filter to all of them, or tap into each photo to apply separate effects before posting everything in a single gallery. 

Your followers and other Instagram users will be able to like individual photos in each post. Tré cool, no?!

Photo: Droid Life

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