PICS: Arresting Love of Live Art performances bringing magic to Cape Town's streets

2018-02-15 09:30 - Saara Mowlana
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Image by: Saara Mowlana

Cape Town - The love is hot in the air this fine Cape Town day and you can feel it in the sheer unmarred sunshine following Tuesday's thunderstorm.

The Institute for Creative Arts (ICA) and Live Art Network Africa (LANA) kicked off their pending Love of Live Art weekend bonanza by taking to the streets in the heat on Wednesday morning, 14 February.

The performance kicked off at 10h30 in Government Avenue opposite the Mount Nelson hotel and outside of the UCT Hiddingh Campus and weaved its way through the historic Company Gardens until coming to a spectacular finale outside of the Iziko Slave Lodge - situated at the mouth of the Company Gardens accentuate by the newly erected Arch for Arch

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The idea for the performance was born as part of highly-acclaimed curator, Khanyisile Mbongwa's, masters degree assignment. Titled, iRhanga (Township Alleyways), the performance examined the complexities of black life and black lived experiences in South Africa and Cape Town. 

"iRhanga is a series of intersecting works, which investigate in abstract ways how iRhanga is the geographical location for radical black imagination. It unpacks the complexities and nuances of how black bodies from ekasi navigate self-love and freedom. Seen as demonstrations of black lived experience (rather than performances), the works require the full body in attendance, the black body needs to make itself available and present so as to intervene in its own becoming. iRhanga engages with sensory and cognitive experiences of everyday migration between ikasi and the city, as a “sustained exploration of the on-going, everyday traumas of dislocation." - Khanyisile Mbongwa

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The performance involved a cast of five members who each had their own role depending on the piece of work being displayed throughout the moving performance. The cast members included: Lushe Macanda, Lukhanyiso Skosana, Aphiwe Nyezi, Anele Kose & Luthabo Maduna all of who put their all into the performances despite the incessant CBD heatwave. 

The LANA event is a four-day spectacle that comprises of various performances and displays that critique and challenge the society in which we operate and make it a visceral experience for those who take to the street to immerse in the love of art. From performances that address President Trump politics to masculinity and black bodies. The event will showcase pieces and works from artists worldwide and include not just performance art, but fashion will we woven into some performances as well. 

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There is something disruptive in nature about live art - not just the motion bending performance pieces, but the displays and physical works as well. It takes what usually gets shut behind museum doors for the brave and art loving few and implores everyday passerbys to navigate and confront their emotions based on the different artworks. It's a visceral experience that changes the way art is viewed and lived by placing it in the open and bringing the curator's vision to life on life's messiest and unprepared stage: public sidewalks and streets.


Organisers: The event is being hosted by the Institute for Creative Arts (ICA) and Live Art Network Africa (LANA)

When: February 17-20 - It takes place over four days and includes a wide range of artworks and performances that will be showcased.

Where: All events will take place at UCT Hiddingh Campus unless states elsewhere - click here for more event info. 

Price: Entrance is FREE - however, some events are by invitation only.

The three days of LANA will be divided into a symposium comprising conference sessions, open to the public, where local and international speakers will present papers, as well as networking sessions where invited delegates will discuss the vision for the Network, and how this can be taken forward.

The symposium is open to all but the networking sessions are by invitation only.

Event programme: To view the event programme, click here.

Some more pics:

iRhanga performance outside of the Iziko Slave Lodge (Image by: Saara Mowlana)

iRhanga performance outside of the Iziko Slave Lodge (Image by: Saara Mowlana)

iRhanga performance outside of the Iziko Slave Lodge (Image by: Saara Mowlana)
iRhanga performance outside of the Iziko Slave Lodge (Image by: Saara Mowlana)
iRhanga performance outside of the Iziko Slave Lodge (Image by: Saara Mowlana)
iRhanga performance outside of the Iziko Slave Lodge (Image by: Saara Mowlana)

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