Get ready for Cape Town Pride 2018 with this handy tool for LGBTQ+ travellers

2018-02-19 21:00 - Gabi Zietsman
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Cape Town - Travelling isn't always safe for everyone, but LGBTQI travellers have to be extra cautious when travelling in countries where their sexual orientation could put them at risk.

As the South African LGBTQ+ community gears up for the annual Cape Town Pride festivities starting this week, PFLAG from Canada has set up a handy data website that measures safety for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender and gender queer people in different countries.

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The score, out of a hundred, is determined by six categories, namely Marriage Equality, Sexual Activity Laws, Gender Identity Protections, Anti-Discrimination Laws, Civil Rights and Liberties, and Social Media Sentiment, all of which is visualised in the iconic Pride rainbow flag.

Although data-driven, Destination Pride notes that it's only a guide and should not used as an 'absolute safety rating system'. The algorithm updates at regular intervals and hopes to raise awareness around LGBTQ+ issues around the world.

South Africa, which decriminalised homosexuality in 1994 and allowed same-sex marriages in 2006, currently holds a score of 68 out of 100, which means that: "A score in this range (51-70) generally indicates that some legal protections for LGBTQ+ people are in place, and social media sentiment is likely neutral." 

The country has full marks for Marriage Equality, Sexual Activity Laws and Anti-Discrimination Laws, all enshrined in and upheld by our Constitution, but we only get 50% for Gender Identity Protections (when you identify as a different gender than your birth-assigned sex) and Social Media Sentiment. 

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Destination Pride

Cape Town itself though has a rating of 70/100, while Johannesburg has 62/100 and Durban has 64/100. 

Other neighbouring African countries have much worse ratings. Namibia has 17/100, Botswana 26/100, Mozambique 39/100 and Zimbabwe only gets 10/100. The United States overall has 56/100, while Canada, where Destination Pride originated, has a rating of only 59/100.

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Cape Town Pride 2018

According to the numbers Cape Town seems like the place to visit for LGBTQ+ travellers, and the city will be painted all the colours of the rainbow from 23 February to 3 March. Organised by OUTReach Africa, the event aims to make the community's issues visible in the public sphere and celebrate their victories.

The event will kick off with the Pre-Pride Pink Party on Friday, with many events scheduled back-to-back until the Mardi Gras parade on 3 March at Green Point Urban Park. Other events include art exhibits, book launches, a fun run, parties and a beauty pageant. 

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You can see the schedule below. For more details check out their Facebook page.     

23 February:

  • Pink Party 20:00 @ various clubs and bars

24 February:

  • COZY Pool Party – Pride Edition 13:00 @ Radisson RED (V&A Waterfront, Cape Town)
  • The Bird Cage – Pride Matinee Performance 14:30 @ The Milnerton Playhouse
  • Pre Pride Party Ekasi Green Point Urban Park 15:00 @ Dez-Tshisanyama, Gugulethu
  • Cape Town Pride Mens Party 20:00 @ 237 Main Road, Three Achor Bay
  • Mr & Miss Cape Town Pride 2018 20:00 @ Joseph Stone Auditorium
  • Cape Town Pride Women’s Night 2018 21:00 @ Beaulah Bar

25 February:

  • Rainbow Pride Fun Run 20:00 @ President Hotel

26 February:

  • Cape Town Pride 2018 Bookcase 18:00 @ Zer021 Social Club

28 Ferbuary

  • Hein Reinders Solo Art Exhibition 19:00 @ TAU Cape Town
  • Pride Karaoke Party 20:00 @ BarCode

1 March:

  • Pride Beach Picnic 18:00 @ Clifton 3rd Beach
  • Pride Board Game Night 19:00 @ The Big Box Cape Town
  • Pride Divas Extravaganza 20:00 @ Zer021 Social Club
  • Hothouse Mixed Night 20:00 @ Hothouse Steam, Leisure & Adult Store

2 March:

  • Art and Poetry Night 20:00 @ UPSTAIRS on Bree

3 March:

  • Cape Town Pride Parade and Mardi Gras 12:00 Parade @ Fan Walk, beginning of Somerset Road; 13:00 Mardi Gras @ Reddham Field, Green Point Urban Park

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