Crack the currency code with this handy new travellers' World Currency bank card

2015-10-21 14:30 - Louzel Lombard
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Cape Town - If you’re off to climb Mount Fuji in Japan, then partying the night away in Brazil before visiting the Taj Mahal in India all in one round-trip, you shouldn't have to worry about carrying different countries' cash on your journey.

Thanks to a new Multi-Currency World Currency Card South African travellers can now sidestep this concern and visit up to 17 countries with different currencies without having to to worry about the 'bureau de change'.  

The new cash card, launched by MasterCard and Bidvest Bank, allows travellers to: 

•         Load up to 17 currencies onto a single card at any time
•         Budget more efficiently by being able to lock in exchange rates
•         Help save travellers by avoiding conversion fees as the card intelligently selects the local currency of the country travellers are in 

The card is a step up from Mastercard's current multi-currency Cash Passport card, which only allows for 10 countries' currency to be uploaded onto one card.

Like the previous version, the card operates like a prepaid travel payment card, meaning it should be credited with South African Rands before a trip. From there, the Rands can be converted into various other currencies. 

If the local currency of a country isn’t available or there are insufficient funds left in that specific currency, then the card will automatically access another currency wallet provided that funds are available.

This new travel payment card has the ability to load one or more of the following currencies:

Argentine Peso
Australian Dollar
Brazilian Real
British Pound
Canadian Dollar
Chinese Yuan
Indian Rupee
Israeli Shekel
Japanese Yen
Mauritian Rupee
New Zealand Dollar
Saudi Riyal
Swiss Franc
Thai Baht
United Arab Emirates Dirham
United States Dollar
After an international trip, travellers have 30-days to convert any unused currency. The card can also be kept for future trips. 

The multi-currency cards can be ordered from a Bidvest Bank branch or on the Bidvest Bank website.

Owners of MasterCards are also on the receiving end of various travel discounts and specials, making it all the more tempting to book your next breakaway!

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