These are the world's most connected countries by air, rail and 5G - where SA ranked

2019-09-17 04:45
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Connected by wi-fi, air travel, proximity to services, rail, network service providers and roads, these are just a few ways in which we as humans move about in our immediate world.

Being connected is crucial when it comes to economic development and growth, yet many of us also chase disconnected travels and destinations in an effort to get away from it all. 

Earlier this year we listed countries with the world's worst connectivity when it comes to internet. These places make for excellent digi-detox destinations, however, many of us prefer being able to hop online and on and off a train or plane whenever and wherever we go. 

A recent study by Carphone Warehouse, The Connectivity Index, listed the top 34 most connected countries in the world. And South Africa ranked 24th! Not too shabby. 

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1. USA

The country ranks first on number of air passengers, as well as number of internet hosts (a whopping 505 million internet hosts to be exact). However, it has a relatively slow mobile speed (3.9) and ranks as one of the lowest countries with access to primary education. 

Mountain View, California, USA - June 21, 2016: A

2. Switzerland

Switzerland ranks in second position. The country has the best rail infrastructure and road quality and is ahead of the game in 5G with the highest number of 5G deployments. On the other hand, it ranks as one of the countries with the lowest number of air passengers (0.3) and the lowest number of internet hosts (0.1). 

Image of Swiss Alps with Gornergrad tourist train,

3. United Arab Emirates

The U.A.E. has the highest number of immigrants and ranks in first position for number of social media users. On the flip side, they rank significantly low for number of internet hosts. 


4. South Korea

With the highest mobile speed and the most powerful passport, South Korea sits in forth position on The Connectivity Index. However, the country has a low number of immigrants (0.2) showing an evident lack of ethnic diversity, as well as a low number of internet hosts. 

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Korean women friends visiting Seoul by bus in thei

5. China

China can be found in fifth position, ranking first for electricity production and balance of trade. Opposite to this, they rank in the lowest position for number of 5G deployments, number of immigrants and passport power. 

Beijing Daxing Airport Aerial View







24. South Africa

Connectivity is below 50%, however mobile speed is rated higher quality as that of the US at 4.6 out of 10 compared to the USA's 3.9; but SA does rate very low in terms of 5G.

SA's road quality is, in fact, not as bad as we thought at a 6.8 out of 10 - better than that of Czech Republic and Norway.  

The beach of Llandudno in South Africa close to Ca

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