The biggest, the oldest and the smallest: Guinness World Records list record-breaking hotels

2019-08-29 04:50
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The smallest, the biggest, the tallest and even the most swimming pools - Guinness World Records announced their list of hotels that are pretty unique in the world.

The list was shared on Forbes, which also includes restaurants, and was compiled based on indisputable facts - meaning that none of the properties applied to be record-holders. 

Perhaps your next stay and meal should be at one of these one-of-kind spots from around the world.

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Oldest Hotel

Name: Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan

Where: Mount Fuji, Japan

Record: This hot springs hotel has been serving guests since 705 AD by the same family.

Smallest Hotel

Name: Eh'häusl Hotel

Where: AmbergGermany

Record: It's about 2.4 metres wide and was built as a loophole when couples were required to own property before getting married. 

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Largest Hotel

Name: First World Hotel

Where: Pahang, Malaysia

Record: The colourful hotel has a total of 7 351 rooms and has a mall, restaurant plaza and an indoor theme park. However, it will lose its record in 2021 to Abraj Kudai that's being built in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Tallest Hotel

Name: Gevora Hotel

Where: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Record: The Gevora reaches heights of 356 metres into the Dubai skyline.

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Tallest Residential Hotel

Name: Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

Where: Hong Kong

Record: The hotel only starts on the 102nd floor at about 425 metres up. It takes 60 seconds to ride the elevator to the 118th floor.

Largest Hotel Suite

Name: Grand Hills Hotel & Spa

Where: Broummana, Lebanon

Record: The Royal Residence is about 4 087 square metres with seven stories, two private swimming pools, a Turkish bath and private gardens. 

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Largest Spa Resort

Name: Mission Hills Haikou

Where: Haikou, China

Record: About 4 000 guests can be accommodated at this resort, which is also home to the world's largest spa.

Most Resort Swimming Pools

Name: Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson

Where: Port Dickson, Malaysia

Record: All the villas have their own private swimming pools, totalling 63. The hotel also has the record for the most over-water villas. 

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Oldest Restaurant

Name: Restaurante Botin

Where: Madrid, Spain

Record: It opened in 1725 and has retained its original interiors and firewood oven despite additions made over the years. 

Largest Restaurant

Name: Bawabet Dimashq Restaurant

Where: Damascus, Syria

Record: The restaurant can seat 6 014 people and the total floor area is almost 20 000 square metres.

Highest Restaurant

Name: At.mosphere at Burj Khalifa

Where: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Record: The restaurant is on the 122nd floor at a height of about 442 metres.

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*Compiled by Gabi Zietsman

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