PICS: Hotel carpets have some of the most fascinating and bizarre designs you'll see while travelling

2019-01-06 16:30 - Gabi Zietsman
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Hotel carpets. A lot of times you barely think about them, disappearing into the busy surroundings.

But sometimes you look down - and you wonder what deranged sleep-deprived designer came up with the loud shapes staring back at you past your feet.

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They are not all terrible - they can be quite beautiful, and some even end up garnering a cult following. In 2015, Marriott hotel in Atlanta, US, replaced their bright blue and yellow circular-designed carpet with a plainer beige and brown stripes carpet - but this didn't go down so well with attendees at the annual Dragon Con hosted there every year, reports The Wall Street Journal

Attendees started cosplaying with the designs and patterns of their beloved lost carpet, and scraps of the original have become a hot commodity in the community, turning them into bags and other paraphernalia. 

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But why are they so ugly most of the time? It's all about durability, according to flyertalk. Hotel carpets are made for durability and that they are easy to clean, and the insane designs help camouflage any spills or stains that have been missed.

In Las Vegas, however, there's always been claims that the carpets in casinos are designed so that you spend more says Gizmodo, however this theory is heavily contested. 

Whichever way you spin out, it's hard to deny that hotel carpets induce a weird fascination and perhaps slight insanity if you stare at them too long, so we went and looked up the coolest, prettiest and most bizarre hotel carpets we could find on Instagram.

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The Hyatt Regency in Atlanta went all out with SEVEN different crazy carpets.

Cubist artists would have a blast with this one at the New York Marriott at The Brooklyn Bridge.

This one from Las Vegas just makes my head hurt.

To be honest we're kind of digging this vintage rose one from Hoxton Hotel.

This one from a hotel in Germany might make you feel a little woozy.

Trust a Hawaiian hotel to come up with such a luscious design.

I think this carpet from Estonia might be alive...

This one wants to take you on an adventure.

"When your shirt + alcohol want to meet the carpet."

The Park Inn Radisson in West Bromwich has a carpet that has a cool street view pattern.

Okay, this one is just pretty amazing!

I feel sorry for any drunk guest coming back from a night out.

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