Crawl into a book at these 10 stays around the world with amazing libraries

2019-04-26 15:00
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After a whole day of exploring a new destination, sometimes you just want to curl up with a good book and unwind from the stress of travelling.

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But books are heavy to travel with and if you prefer the crinkling of paper instead of a less intimate e-reader, you may think about booking a stay with a library to match your thirst for the written language.

You might even discover a new writer from another country that will expand your worldview.

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Here are a few stays from around the world that will warm your bookworm heart.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Hotel No Hotel is more like a giant living room than a place to sleep, and with that comes a lovely library that looks out onto the main reception area - perfect for breaking up your reading with people watching.

Warsaw, Poland 

A dream stay for eclectic designers, its living room is filled with long shelves full of books, and you can disappear into your war history books with the natural light.


Hawarden, Flintshire

Gladstone's Library is perfectly designed for reading enthusiasts. It's filled with one-of-a-kind texts and the rooms are just walls of books to keep you company in your dreams.

California, US 

If you want to be far from the crowds, its fireplace is the perfect spot to read about Hollywood drama in star-studded biographies.

book nook

H? Chí Minh, Vietnam

Right on the beach, the waves will lull you into a world of fantasy with its vast library waiting for you to dive into.

Victoria, Australia 

Instead of the Outback, escape to Australia's mountains where you can take your book reading outdoors in this home's flower-filled garden.


Willemstad, Curacao

After a day of exploring a Caribbean island, feel like Robinson Crusoe under the Kura Hulanda Estate's thatch-roofed library.

Istanbul, Turkey 

Immerse yourself in history in this literature lover's paradise where the books hail from the regions that surround Turkey as well as travel writing and philosophy.

Just look at that wall of books at B2 Boutique Hotel and Spa - an absolute bookworm's paradise complete with chandeliers made from beer bottles. 

Tokyo, Japan 

You can brush up on your Japanese in this bookshop-themed accommodation - but don't worry, there are English books too.

fake bookshop

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