11 tips to plan a surprise Valentine's getaway without your partner finding out

2019-01-13 06:30 - Saara Mowlana
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Suprise your partner with a Valentine's getaway with these tips. (Photo: iStock)

Ah, tis the season of overpriced chocolates, events and, most importantly, the season of love.

With Valentine's Day just a Sh'ot left away, you might be wanting to sweep your partner off their feet with a surprise romantic getaway.

And fret not my comrades of Singleton - maybe you can even surprise yourself with a sneaky getaway too.

This year we got lucky as the holiday falls on a weekend - allowing for the perfect time to tuck away to a quick and cheeky vacation with your special person or yourself.

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Here's how to plan a surprise getaway without your partner knowing about it:

It can be tricky trying to surprise your loved one with a trip - particularly if you have a shared banking account and use the same devices. 

However, we've got the lowdown, courtesy of We Are Promotional, on how you can add some spontaneity and surprise into your relationship this V-Day with 11 easy and rather sneaky steps.

1. Don't be stupid - be an early cupid

Organise to avoid a potential travel demise.

If you have kids or pets and aren't slinging them along for the trip, ensure you have accounted proper carers set for your time away - whether that's with family or friends.

Make lists of everything you need to do to make this trip a reality. Keep the list nearby to ensure you're on par with your plans and check it several times. 

booking a secret valentine's getaway

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2. Save the doccie deets

This is where things can get messy.

Don't be weird about asking for your partner's passport or ID etc, or else all of your plans will go up in smoke.

Consider suggesting that you store your travel docs together for safekeeping - allowing a neutral place to sneak a peak.

Alternatively, you could make banter about comparing your embarrassing and old ID photos used for these doccies.

But either way, you're going to need those deets for booking purposes.

3. Keep your plans on the DL

This goes beyond just not telling your significant other about the trip.

Try to keep the spectrum of who knows minimal if not JUST you.

booking a secret valentine's getaway

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4. Book their annual leave for them

LinkedIn could be your secret weapon when it comes to keeping your plans secret.

Get a little bit stalker-ish and find your partner's boss on the platform.

Hit connect with them and explain what you have planned.

Of course, do keep in mind that the long weekend around Valentine’s day might not be convenient, so it’s worth building some rapport when you do get in touch! 

5. Go incognito

Depending on how nosey your other-half is, it might be worth setting up a secret email address to use when you make any bookings.

Also be sure to open a private or incognito window when making bookings. You have to go dark and off-the-mutual grid for this task.

Wear a dark hoodie and sunglasses if you must while booking, but keeping the plan low-key is necessary if you're looking for shock and awe.

Any trace of a holiday booking site in a browser window could be the thing that gives the game away, ruining the surprise element.

booking a secret valentine's getaway

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6. Steer clear of the shared bank account

If you share a bank account, then this is one of the easiest ways for your partner to see any transactions you have made relating to the surprise getaway.

Try and use your own personal card, especially if you are booking airport transfers, excursions or activities as these can be easily traced back to the website, revealing all of your plans. 

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7. Select your surprise battle 

When it comes to the departure date for your beach holiday, you may have to reveal that you have booked a surprise trip as your partner will need to pack and prepare for their trip.

You'll then have to pick your surprise battle - and to avoid it feeling like a wicked game of Bandersnatch, it's worth deciding whether you would prefer to keep the entire trip a secret, or just your destination.

It’s completely up to you!

8. Pack some red herrings in when it comes to packing

If you have decided to keep your actual destination a secret, then you might want to have a bit of fun when it comes to helping your person pack.

Why not throw in a few red herrings to throw them off the scent.

Perhaps suggest they need to pack in a beach towel but also a wintry jacket or hiking boots. 

booking a secret valentine's getaway

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9. Pre-book activities

Wherever in the world you travel to for Valentine’s day, it will be busy with other couples who have had the same idea.

This means that activities, restaurants and excursions may be booked up well in advance of your trip.

So be an early cupid and book your activities as early as you do your trip. 

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10. Drop breadcrumbs 

Once your partner is aware of the trip, you can start having fun by teasing them with snippets of information to whet their palate for more.

You could leave little clues around your home such as flip flops or sunscreen, but keep it lighthearted and non-specific to make sure you don’t give the whole game away.

11. Budget for two

Another task to add to the pre-holiday list is currency.

Since you've kept everything, hopefully, neatly under wraps - your partner, naturally, wouldn't have budgeted for this surprise adventure.

So, make sure you have enough cash to finance both of you throughout the romantic weekend.

booking a secret valentine's getaway

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