PODCAST | The Check-In: Two of the coolest winemakers at the top of the Constantia wine valley share their secrets

2019-11-22 14:31
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The Vineyards of Silver Mist and Beau Constantia can be found in the seriously steep parts of the Constantia Valley - adding a sense of place to the golden thread of wine making in this historical part of South Africa. 

Because it is so steep, everything is done by hand, from root to vine. In the latest episode of the Check-In we chat to Megan van der Merwe of Beau Constantia and Gregory Brink Louw of Silvermist Vineyards. 

They share what it's like being able to farm on top of the oldest wine-making valley in South Africa, describing how working with some of the oldest dirt, at 2-million- year-old, flanked by the Atlantic on three sides is just the coolest thing. 

But there is so much more than just wine tasting to do on their respective estates - have a listen.  

"Every wine enthusiast’s history with wine is unique. I myself am a 26-year-old South African winemaker that started my journey of countless vineyards with a single sip. As a fledgling oenophile, I embarked on a life-long journey into the mystical depths of wine, with the mission to become worthy of my wildest dreams – to connect the human soul to the soul of a place by presenting Mother Nature to mankind in a consumable way." - Megan van der Merwe of Beau Constantia   

"As winemaker and viticulturist at our Private Silvermist Estate, I have worked tirelessly over the last 19 years to create the only Organically Certified Farm on the Constantia Wine Route. My life ethos has been incorporated into my craft to create classic Constantia Wines in a sustainable and responsible manner. The vines grow without the need for irrigation and no artificial chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers are used during the farming or wine making process. I have a simple, yet purist approach to wine-making and believe everything is a product of its environment." - Gregory Brink Louw of Silvermist Vineyards.

"Those who know how to taste do not drink wine but savour its secrets" - Salvidor Dali 

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