WATCH: Cape Town touring in the footsteps of Mandela

2019-01-07 10:17 - PARTNER CONTENT
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Credit: Youtube

Nelson Mandela’s influence is far-reaching – across countries, borders, provinces, communities and colour, and in the 100 years since his birth, there have been generations of people that have been inspired by him - and inspired to walk in his footsteps to change the world for the better.   

This year for the Nelson Mandela Centenary celebrations, South African Tourism identified 100 experiences, attractions and destinations around South Africa that have strong historical and social ties to his life and which have become familiar to the global community.  

As part of this celebration we partnered with South African Tourism and offered some young people striving to emulate Mandela from our Mandela100 project a unique and memorable chance to explore other provinces and cities and walk in the footsteps of Nelson Mandela.   

Koketso Mbewe, from Hammanskraal in Pretoria, one of the 100 young South Africans who was identified as someone who embodies some of the characteristics that Mandela was known for, took the opportunity to travel to Cape Town for the first time and walk in the footsteps of Mandela.

“I think walking through the journey has allowed me to reflect and emphasise the understanding of what he had to overcome as someone who endured so much. And for me one of the things I admire is his mental strength. To endure so much and to still come out and be a hero and still have to make decisions that affect so many people -so he had to win that battle first in his mind…To me, I have always understood leadership as starting with one’s self and he demonstrates that very clearly.”  

A showcase of South Africa and Nelson Mandela’s memory can be found on the South African Tourism Madiba’s Journey App, which allows users to view the attractions on a map, build their itineraries and share their own journeys on social media. Visitors can also experience the emotion and relevance of each location through audio, text and image galleries. The app also offers real-time weather information, distances and details of nearby attractions. 

Discover all the Cape Town experiences from the history of Robben Island to Nelson Mandela Square in Stellenbosch, Chapman’s Peak and Camps Bay as well as many other beautiful spots in Cape Town with South African Tourism.  

This trip was made possible by South African Tourism and South African Airways 

This post is sponsored by South African Tourism produced by Brandstudio24 for Traveller24.