Top 10 different instagrammable places in Cape Town

2018-12-12 09:43 - PARTNER CONTENT
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Cape Town

Battery Park

There is nothing quite like summer in the city, and Cape Town truly seems to shine when lit up by the sun. But when it comes to populating your Instagram page, it is not enough to just post the usual pics of Lion’s Head or Clifton beach to look original, you need to stand out this summer!  

We have compiled a list of some great (and a little different) places in and around Cape Town CBD that will give your pictures the edge that you need to make your summer vacay insta-enviable and just that much special: 

1. Battery Park, V&A Waterfront 

The new urban park that forms the gateway to the V&A Waterfront offers an original angle to the iconic Table Mountain as well as a canal with stand-up paddling, kayaking and a water taxi, a skate and scooter park, and a multicourt for basketball and soccer games, stores and some excellent graffiti.


2. Longmarket Street 

Hidden between the stores in the St. George’s Mall is this iconic wall with murals of Nelson Mandela, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu done by artist Brian Rolfe.  


3. Cape Town High Court 

The heritage site, which was built in the early twentieth century has been the stage of many historical cases. The steps in front of the court is the perfect backdrop for urban photography.  


4. St. George’s Cathedral 

With its’ beautiful stained-glass windows, the oldest cathedral in southern Africa has many picture-perfect spots – the gothic church, the courtyard garden and the Labyrinth.  


5. Bakoven Beach 

If you want that beach spot but don’t want it to look like every other one on your newsfeed, try Bakoven Beach which is hidden between the popular beaches of Camps Bay and Llandudno.


6. Somerset Hospital Steps 

The iconic colourful steps are situated at the hospital right opposite the V&A Waterfront.


7. City Hall 

For an image with a vintage feel, why not use the backdrop of the Cape Town which was built in 1905 with many of the building fixtures which were imported from Europe.  


8. Long Street Backpackers 

Long Street Backpackers has that old school hostel feel about it, and with the bustling influx of tourists transiting through it, it always feels unique. Make use of the colours of the building, or be creative with the angle of your photograph.  


9. Company Gardens 

The greenery and beauty of the Company Gardens is extensive. The heritage site was created in the 1650s by the first European settlers to grow fresh produce. The Gardens now houses the oldest cultivated pear tree in South Africa, a rose garden built in 1929, a fish pond, Dellville Wood Memorial Garden, an aviary, restaurant, local arts and crafts, historic statues and games. 


10. Gardens Skate Park 

For all the skating lovers, there is the Gardens Skate Park which was formerly known as The Mill Park. The park was built by the City of Cape Town’s Spatial Planning and Urban Design after winning the Building Trust Playscapes Design Competition. It opened in 2014 and with it’s urban, white landscape is the excellent backdrop.  


All images were taken with the Huawei Mate20 Pro 

The Huawei Mate20 Pro boasts AI scene recognition, three cameras with a super wide-angle lens, different zoom lengths and the focus of the images helps to reinvigorate the technology of cellphone technology, so you no longer have to depend on your friend with the fancy camera to take all your group selfies, portrait shots, or holiday snaps.