RAF Appeals to road users to think before they drive, ride and walk

2019-04-18 16:32 - ADVERTORIAL
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Keep road safety first this Easter.

The Road Accident Fund (RAF) is appealing to all South African road users to reflect on the seriousness of the physical, emotional, financial and mental effects of car crashes this Easter. 

Road accident statistics by the Road Traffic Management Corporation indicate that 332 people perished over the Easter weekend in 2018.  Pedestrian deaths were the highest, followed by those of passengers, drivers and cyclists respectively. 

Weekly the RAF sends out its deepest condolences to the families, friends and colleagues of those who perish due to car crashes, and appeals regularly to road users to #AlwaysRemember that road safety is a shared responsibility for all concerned. Human factors remain the biggest cause of most road accidents. 

In the 2017/2018 financial year, 271,933 new claims were registered with the RAF and 203,493 where finalised. This is an increase of 35% in the number of newly registered claims and an indication that some South African road users disregard the call to contribute towards improving the economy and bettering their lives, including that of their own communities. 

As the caring arm of the government, we appeal to all road users to collaborate with us in addressing the road accident scourge. Let us discuss road safety with our loved ones and spread the word about the social and economic impact of road accidents. Efforts of this nature will renew road safety consciousness and contribute towards fewer car crashes and fatalities.

It is time to unite as a nation and confront the emotional, financial, psychological, and physical cost of road accidents. Car crashes destroy families, including the hopes and dreams of many. Let us think about this while respecting the road. 

Let us not meet by accident

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