How to make the most of your flights

2016-06-14 07:00 - Partner Content - By Andrea Firth
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The old-age travellers’ saying of “it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey” seems the perfect analogy for multi-stop flights. Maximising your travel experience with multi-stop flights, can change what is normally point-to-point travel into a wonderfully flexible and adaptive holiday - turning the trip into an adventure of its own.

For most travellers, the list of must-visit places seems to grow every year as flights increase globally, and far flung destinations become ever easier to access. A simple and affordable way to maximise your trip and add a bonus destination to your next holiday is to book a multi-stop flight.

Multi-stop tickets aren’t anything new, but lately have been growing in popularity amongst a variety of travellers, not just round-the-world backpackers. Multi-stop flights allow you to stop in additional cities. If you are going to visit  family or travelling to attend a conference and would enjoy a mini-holiday before or after, make full use of the opportunity that the multi-city option gives you and take a few days to just enjoy yourself and reenergise for the next leg of your trip or to relax after it.

Multi-stop flights also give you the opportunity to combine holiday experiences, for example, if you’re headed to Bali or Hawaii to relax on a beach, why not add a few extra days in a bustling city like Hong Kong or Sydney for two completely different vacation experiences all in one trip. Australian airline Qantas allows for a stopover in Sydney when traveling to the USA or Japan.

You can also maximise your options by flying a national airline. Qantas fares allow you to visit up to 3 Australian cities for the same base airfare as a single ticket and all you will need to pay are the additional airport taxes (conditions apply).

From Sydney you can fly onwards to more than 55 towns and cities in Australia. You can also take the trans-Tasman flight to New Zealand via Sydney. An Australian visa is not required if your transit is less than eight hours for South African passport holders. 

Common examples of multi-stop itineraries:

  • Jo’burg – (transit in Sydney) – see Melbourne- visit Auckland – explore Sydney – Jo’burg
  • Jo’burg – discover Sydney – explore Los Angeles – head back home via Sydney

Most people, when planning a trip to North America, go the usual route of South Africa - up to Europe - and across to the US, however flying west to east is becoming favourable and growing as a preferred option for travellers wanting to spend time in both Australia and the US.

Sound great? But what’s the cost you ask and how do you get the best price when booking multi-stop flights? It is a well-known fact that multi-stop flights are affordable, which is often the primary reason people opt for them. The best cost cutter would be to choose your stopover destination that is a transit point en-route to your final destination. So instead of spending a few hours transiting in an airport missing the sights and nuggets of culture, prolong your transit to a city-stay for a few days. Contact your airline and discuss the options, you might also be able to make use of great packages for accommodation or meal specials. Adding stopover cities would be like getting two holidays for the price of one.

Whether you want to take a trip around the world, just stopover in another city or have definite plans for a multi-stop tour, Qantas makes it easy with their multi-city booking engine where you can view flight options and search for the best price.

With a little research on flight options, the sky really is the limit (pun intended!) in creating your perfect combination and multi-stop holiday – you may be able to go further than you think.