5 amazing destinations to find the best cup of coffee

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There are very few things that are as universal to different countries around the world as a love of great coffee.

From our own Cape Town coffee scene to the craft coffees of Indonesia, some of the must-visit spots around the globe include artisan cafes and coffee shops.

With this in mind, we’ve created a guide to the best java destinations, so you’ll never have to have a bad holiday coffee again.


More associated with cocaine and Pablo Escobar, Colombia is a stunningly beautiful country, which also happens to be one of the best coffee producing locations in the world. These days with increased travel safety and a boom in coffee tourism the only thing that will give you the jitters is having one too many cups of the delicious brew.

Having only acquired its coffee crops in the 18th century, Colombia is a relative newcomer to the world of coffee but has taken coffee production very seriously and made it their own. On the bean trail, just 2 and half hours from the city of Medillin, Jardín is located in the heart of a coffee belt and known for embracing the specialty trends. Most of the beans from this area go straight to Nespresso. Having a keen eye for when a coffee cherry is ripe, Nespresso farmers in this region push the harvest time to the limit – risking fermentation but delivering a Nespresso Master Origin coffee that is fruity, vibrant and incredibly enjoyable to drink. So, you can enjoy a little piece of Colombian culture and flavour right at home while you book your flights to this exotic destination.



Indonesia may have you thinking infinity pools, white beaches and Island holidays in Bali – but the vast country also produces some of the world’s most outstanding coffee.

From kopi luwak to kopi tubruk, Indonesia cultivates some of the most expensive and beloved coffees in the world. Having first begun exporting beans in 1711, Indonesia has a lot to offer to coffee connoisseurs, with a plethora of distinct and unique flavour profiles. Produced in the humid conditions of Sumatra, beans used to make Nespresso Master Origin Indonesia are hulled when wet, delivering a velvety texture and a wild, woody taste. If you’re looking for some of the world’s best caffeinated beverages, you’ll want to get right to the source – Indonesia.

Coffee trail expeditions are now readily available and are perfect for coffee lovers - meet coffee farmers, visit the farms and learn about local roasting and brewing traditions. Thinking about a holiday in Bali? Be sure to book a coffee tour – these treks start and cover Sumatra, Bali and Sulawesi regions and offer incredible home-grown coffee and gorgeous scenery to boot.



Finest chocolate and cocoa, indulgent sweet, rich coffee and a fine cigar sound like your kind of town – then Nicaragua with its beautiful mountains and landscapes is the region for you.

Introduced in the mid-1800s, coffee has risen in ranks to become the country’s primary export. Nicaraguan coffees are characteristic of South American coffees in general – though they are typically milder in acidity. Delivering a sweet and harmonious taste, Nespresso Master Origin Nicaragua is produced in the highland vales, with the beans being hand-raked every hour under the hot sun in order to absorb the sweet notes of the fruit.

As the country starts to attract more tourists, an increasing number of farms and cafés have opened to let visitors follow the journey of the beans. In the capital city of Managua, drop into famous Casa del Café for a cup, book a coffee tour around the region or try El Gato Negro in the surf town of San Juan del Sur.



Love to travel? India is worth a visit based on sights and culture alone – and if you’re a coffee fan, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better cup.

Most widely associated with tea, this South Asian country also has some of the best coffee dating back to 1670 AD. India's coffee is filled with spicy notes and aroma's, producing a truly unique, delicious and smooth bean. Much like the spices that India is famous for, Nespresso Master Origin India has an intense flavour through the absorption of high levels of moisture, giving it a spicy quality.



Ethiopia’s sights, scenery and culture are already a unique draw card for travellers. Featuring many buildings listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites: varied landscapes from Lake Tana to the red-rock Gheralta Mountains, Danakil Desert and the lush Omo Valley and rich wildlife including the Ethiopian wolf and gelada baboon.

Ethiopia has a deep history in coffee production and is where Arabica coffee originates. Among the world’s most distinctive and varied, Ethiopia’s coffee ranks at the top of most coffee connoisseurs’ lists. With the coffea arabica plant having been discovered in the Horn of Africa, it only makes sense that the country would produce some truly amazing coffee with extraordinarily unique and individual tastes.

A great guide will help navigate the country and the coffee plantations for the best travel experience. Or take a self-guided tour at home with Nespresso Master Origin Ethiopia. Produced through an ancient dry-processing technique over many years, creating a coffee that is flowery and bright in taste.


Be transported around the world with Nespresso Master Origin coffees!


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