#FindYourEscape: Gap Year

2017-01-22 12:25
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Hello Travellers...

Travel is the ultimate real-life experience teacher. Nothing makes you get to grips with adulting quite like managing your own spending and travel budget during an extended trip. All this, while learning to cope with communal living and how very different it is to sharing a home with your parents or a room with siblings.

It's the sauce for a well-balanced future.

Teaching English abroad is one of the most popular things to do, says Anje Rautenbach who has more than earned her stripes in this manner. See her suggestions on how to get a decent financial jump start (plus possibly free accommodation) all while travelling the world.

Admittedly, there are many ways to explore the globe - try one of these 12 experiences that will allow your footsteps to leave a meaningful mark

But even well-established adults are finding the benefits of taking a few months off invaluable - Read all about Wesgro CEO Tim Harris’s African Surfari here.  

The world is a vibrant place, it's time you opened yourself up to it.

Next week we're all about 2017 Adventure travel - from the remote, to the unique and underrated - don't miss our choice selection.


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