Find Your Escape: Vietnam

2017-03-12 09:09
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Hello Travellers... 

Fast becoming a top trend for South Africans, Vietnam is everything you’re dreaming of when it comes to an exotic budget break. It's a sensory overload, offering new tastes, smells and sights you’ve only seen in the movies (the latest King Kong movie is set here).

Vietnam is Nirvana for any true foodie-traveller - since every region has its very own speciality and in the capital of Hanoi, especially, eating experiences are what tie together the historic old French Quarter - even the simplest of dishes will haunt you long after you’re back in SA.

Hoi An is where ancient history is alive alongside modern Vietnam culture. Chinese and French influences set the backdrop for those iconic lantern-lit night markets, and the ultimate Vietnam shopping experience, yet the old heart of this World Heritage Site beats strong and steady – unchanged by monsoons, dynasties and war.

Ho Chi Minh City, the old Saigon, is Vietnam’s feisty, fire-breathing dragon - busy, bright and bold, it puts you on a travel high from which you never really fully recover.  

But it is Vietnam’s natural beauty that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. With our dry South African perspective, the amount of water throughout the country alone is enough to bring tears to your eyes. From its water carved-out mountains rising from the rivers and seas to the terraced rice paddies climbing up the lush green slopes, it's an alternative world of natural beauty.

But, hey. Don’t just take our word for it - go see it for yourself… ideally from the back of a rented motorbike.