This donkey trail in Wupperthal is one of SA’s coolest adventures
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Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom officially opened this iconic South African tourist attraction in Wupperthal this week.

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How to celebrate the moon landing's 50th anniversary in SA
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On Saturday, 20 July, it will have been 50 years since the first man walked on the moon - a pivotal moment in world history.

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One mother says she felt utterly disrespected on board a KLM flight when she tried to feed her busy toddler - reigniting the debate...

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Who needs to fly business class when you could be flying Japan Airlines' roomy Airbus A350?

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WATCH: Marriott have launched their first Fire and Ice brand in KZN
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This SA hotel, part of the 2nd biggest global chain, went from cookie-cutter boring to a fun stay you may want to book

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