WATCH: Otterly lost animal family takes a stroll on tarmac at Singapore airport

2017-11-20 12:30 - Gabi Zietsman
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Cape Town - Otter family made a quick detour onto Changi Airport's tarmac on Tuesday while trying to escape heavy rain.

Their frolic was captured on camera and posted to Facebook by Wilson Tan, who jokingly likened the invading animals to 'foreign object debris.'

According to The Straits Times the otters were first spotted early in the morning and were safely escorted back to Changi Beach by the airside safety team. They caused no disruptions to flights and other operations at the airport.

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Otter expert Jeffery Teo told The Straits Times that the heavy rain probably filled up the canals which forced the family to cross the airport to find shelter. They seem to be hailing from Pasir Ris Park, a local coastal park that also includes a protected mangrove forest.

N Sivasothi, a lecturer that heads up the Otter Watch group in Singapore, told Channel NewsAsia that otters tend to explore areas close to their territories, but will leave quickly if the area doesn't suit them.

They do look otterly adorable though in the video below.

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Singapore's smooth-coated otter families are a big fascination for locals and tourists, who have managed to thrive on the island's urban infrastructure, according to Channel NewsAsia. With few predators, except for the occasional human element, and access to an abundance of fish in clean waterways, the otter population is going strong and is unfazed by little access to land due to urban development.

Otter Watch is a community volunteer group that monitors the critters, their numbers and advocates for their protection and efforts to mitigate human-animal conflict. The group was recently involved in tracking down an injured pup that had a metal ring stuck around its body, who was successfully treated and released back to its family.

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