WATCH: New York's Ark airport terminal, exclusive to animals, going to the dogs

2019-06-15 16:30
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Just two years after opening, JFK Airport terminal exclusive to animals is going to the dogs.

Reuters reports the $65million, 178-000 square The Ark, opened in 2017, but has since filed a law suite against JFK airport authorities due to lower-than-expected revenue and concerns that they have not been granted exclusive processing of animals travelling from JFK.

As the world's first ever airport terminal dedicated to animals, it was expecting to facilitate travel for more than 70 000 animals annually. The Ark provides both air-side and land-side services to board, kennel, quarantine, import, export and transport large and small animals. Facilities include a dog and cat resort, as well as a 24/7 veterinarian hospital. 

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