WATCH: Namibia hilarious burn on Trump's 'shithole countries'

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Following US President Donald Trump’s controversial comments referring to Haiti and African countries as “shithole countries”, south-western African country, Namibia, hit back with a video that hilariously disses the president’s crude comments.

Not only did Trump create a stir across the globe with this description of African countries, it is the second time that he’s recently made a remark proving his shallow knowledge of the African continent and its countries, after calling Namibia “Nambia” in 2017.

This makes Namibia’s video an even more fitting response to Trump, boasting footage and remarks that wittily and sarcastically state why Namibia is a “shithole” country. With Trump’s voice used to narrate why Namibia is “one of the best shithole countries out there”, the video highlights the African country’s underground lake “that even looks just like a shithole”, as well as it’s conservation areas where “wild shithole animals can roam freely”. It also highlights its desert as being “such a shithole of a place” and spares no mercy in bringing up Trump’s equally appalling comments about global warming.