US urges American travellers to stay away from Cuba

2017-10-07 10:21
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Washington — The United States has received "a handful of reports" from American citizens who say they've experienced symptoms similar to those in attacks of US government workers in Havana, a State Department official said on Friday, 06 October.

The US isn't vouching for the reports. In a security notice on Friday to American citizens, the State Department says Americans who believe they may have symptoms after visiting Cuba should "consult a medical professional".

The United States last week issued a travel warning that urges American travellers to stay away from Cuba. The warning says attacks on government personnel have occurred in Havana hotels and the US can't make sure that Americans who stay at hotels wouldn't be harmed

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Since the travel warning was issued, some citizens reported having similar symptoms after travelling to Cuba. But the US government has "no way of verifying" whether they were harmed by the same attacks that have targeted government employees, say the official, who wasn't authorised to comment by name and spoke on condition of anonymity.

In the security warning, the State Department also says it had "imposed limitations" on American government personnel staying at two Havana hotels: Hotel Nacional and Hotel Capri.

The Associated Press disclosed last month that the Capri was among the locations where Americans have been attacked. The State Department says that Nacional was another site where attacks occurred.

The US didn't describe in detail the limitations on US government workers staying at those two hotels. Typically, in instances where the State Department is concerned a particular site may be unsafe, US personnel are prohibited from staying there.

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