Tulip-shaped or a turkey baster? What a new London skyline could look like when this building is approved

2018-11-27 06:30 - Marisa Crous
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Skyscrapers in financial district, City of London,

Skyscrapers in financial district, City of London, London, UK.

Tulips are usually not associated with British culture. The Dutch own tulips, they own it! 

Yet it seems that plans are in the pipeline for a new floral-shaped building, The Tulip, which will offer a 360-degree view of the city of London.

According to Vogue the British architectural firm Foster + Partners have submitted a plan for a 300+m tall skyscraper to be build next to another odd shaped building, currently a key player in defining London's skyline, The Gherkin. 

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The proposed project will be eco-friendly, and will offer citizens and tourists a pocket park, a rooftop garden, a sky bar, several restaurants, and spectacular sky bridges and even gondola pod rides.

I mean. Build it for that final reason alone! 

But the Financial Times says that the name might not stick. When the proposed name was announced, Twitter lit up adding their own suggested names, including: “Turkey Baster”, “Asparagus” and even “Sex Toy”.  

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Buildings like The Shard in London already offer viewing decks, but this building won't serve as an office building. Rather it will exclusively operate as a cultural and tourist attraction for the people to enjoy. 

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