The 5 safest places around the world for LGBTQ travellers

2019-08-07 12:30
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UPDATE: The popular dating app, Tinder has added a new safety feature in collaboration with human rights group, ILGA World, to protect the LGBTQI community when travelling to various countries. 

The Travel Alert Feature will use data from ILGA World to send Tinder users alerts and tips depending on their destination. The feature will pop up when users are in potentially risky locations.

Tinder users that identify as LGBTQI will automatically be hidden on the site in these countries as a safety precaution. Users will have the option of making their profiles public again, however, their sexual orientation and gender identity will remain hidden until they leave the country. The app's aim is to protect users from people using the app to potentially harm others. The new feature will be rolling out for both iOS and Android users in the next few days, Tinder said in a statement.

In light of recent news that Tanzania's hostility towards Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer (LGBTQ) persons, we went on a search for those spots that embrace everyone - LGBTQI-friendly destinations and 'hoods, to be more exact. 

The first-ever neighbourhood-level LGBTQ Safety ratings category on a smartphone app was launched recently. LGBTQ travellers will - for the first time - have unlimited access to real-time safety ratings on more than 30,000 neighbourhoods worldwide. 

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In an easy-to-use interface , the “Top 5 Safest Global Urban Neighbourhoods for LGBTQ Travellers” app by GeoSure provides safety ratings ranging from 1-100 – the lower the score, the safer the neighbourhood. Utilising machine learning, AI, sentiment analysis, and predictive analytics, ratings are based on analysis of thousands of sources daily to provide and continuously update its suite of comprehensive travel safety solutions. 

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Top 5 Safest Global Urban Neighbourhoods for LGBTQ Travellers: 

1. The Castro district in San Francisco

2. Berlin’s Schöneberg neighbourhood

3. Amsterdam’s Centrum neighbourhood

4. Barcelona’s Eixample neighbourhood

5. Tel Aviv’s City Center/Florentin neighbourhood 

This unique traveller-centric safety solutions empower, engage, and inform travellers, with a particular focus on travelling women and LGBTQ community members.

The app company supports the global travel ecosystem by provisioning travellers with “ubiquitous” safety awareness, reinforces a positive safety feedback loop in tourism economies, and helps organisations become leaders in Safety Stewardship™, rapidly advancing its mission of “A Safer, More Predictable World.” 
GeoSure is available on the App Store and Google Play. The company defines its LGBTQ Safety category as rating “Likelihood of harm or discrimination against LGBTQ persons or groups and level of caution required at location.” 

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