PICS: This couple can't stop (won't stop) dangling over death-defying cliffs

2019-09-16 16:45 - Marisa Crous
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Last week, the travel couple known as @positravelty on Instagram came under fire for posting a death-defying picture of Kody dangling Kelly over an abyss in Laguna Humantay, a lake in the Peruvian Andes.

183K strong in followers, they are pretty darn influential. Yet, according to CNN they don't like the label of 'influencer'. 

They have, however, come under fire in the past for their risky photographic techniques - in particular a snap of Kody dangling Kelly over the edge of a swimming pool in Bali. But the couple says that they use tricks of the photographic trade to create these seemingly death-defying illusions - i.e. it's all in the angle, it's a perspective shot. 

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They want to convey 'trust' in their pictures, and use bold techniques to achieve this. I definitely get trust from looking at this image...

The couple said that they won't do something that would ever put either of them in danger. 

But countless other travel influencers like @explorerssaurus_ keep pushing the boundaries of the possible on Instagram, taking big risks like posing at the edge of Kawasan Falls in the Philippines or stealing a kiss while hanging out of a moving train in Sri Lanka.

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This particular couple said that the train was moving super slow at the time they snapped this pic, but still...

But these guys won't stop just because a few people complained, that's for sure. They'll continue to push boundaries to make bank. 

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