PICS: Kalk Bay Harbour parking area gets a facelift

2018-02-23 14:30 - Unathi Nkanjeni
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City of Cape Town

Cape Town - Kalk Bay Harbour, the gem on the False Bay coastline, has received a "much-needed" facelift. 

As one of the most-loved day visit spots for Capetonians, the City of Cape Town's Transport and Urban Development Authority (TDA) has renovated the harbour's parking lot as well as added paved walkways to the rocky shoreline along with benches, streetlights, and a recreational area for markets, fairs, and exhibitions during community events.

According to the City, the upgrade of the harbour's parking area formed part of the Main Road rehabilitation project which included the restoration of parking areas along this scenic route from Muizenberg to Clovelly in the Far South.

City’s mayoral committee member, Brett Herron says at first glance the upgrade of the parking area at the Kalk Bay harbour may not seem that important but the revitalisation of this area makes a "huge difference to the local community and visitors". 

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"Previously the traffic along Main Road would back up considerably with long queues forming due to the constrained parking conditions at the harbour.

"We have improved the access to the parking area by formalising the layout with asphalt surfacing and line markings. These measures assist with traffic flow along Main Road which is very busy during the tourist season, over weekends, and during peak hour periods on weekdays," says Herron.

With the help of the local community, Herron says the City presented concepts to residents who made suggestions and their contributions were taken into account. 

"I am happy to say that we have received overwhelming support for this project. We can achieve a lot and can make this city even greater when we work together," says Herron. 

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A short 35-minute drive out of Cape, this little neighbourhood is known for its raw beauty and various offerings, and according to City one of the important aspects of the rehabilitation project was to "increase the versatility of the area through intelligent urban design, and additional features".

"We have, for example, added a play area for children, as well as a paved recreational area next to the parking area which can be used for markets, fairs, exhibitions, and other community events. We have installed benches along the walkways to the rocky shore where visitors can watch the sunrise over False Bay and Simon’s Town in the distance.

"Again, the walkways may not seem that significant but, coupled with additional streetlights and the benches, the features make this area more accessible to the public so that they can fully enjoy the natural beauty of this space with its 360-degree views,’ says Herron.

Picture: City of Cape Town

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Tourists and locals to the area will be able to saunter up and down the new red brick stairs leading from the parking area to the lower section of the harbour.

Added to that, the retaining wall is coated in sandstone that was excavated during the rehabilitation of Main Road in prior months.

"Previously, visitors had to walk around the parking area and in the traffic to get to the lower section of the harbour below. Thus, the steps provide safe and easier access to visitors," says Herron, adding that he is confident that visitors and the local community will benefit from this upgrade for years to come.

Picture: City of Cape Town

Watch the Kalk Bay neighbourhood series below: