PICS: 6 of the world's most incredibly designed hotels we wish they'd finish already

2018-11-01 16:30 - Saara Mowlana
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moon hilton hotel

These six forgotten hotel designs are truly out of this world. (Photo: Supplied)

It is undeniable that there are some truly magnificent architectural gems dotted around the world. From timeless marvels like the Eiffel Tower or the Sydney Opera House to more modern and chic designs like the Chinese Media Group (CMG) Headquaters or Saffa's very own beloved Silo hotel. 

But, what if I were to tell you that there is a pool of untouched dreams, visions and designs that hold possibly the best of what the architectural mind can conceive.

From moon shaped buildings to chic designs that are out of this world - these six designs could have been the best things we, unfortunately, never had.

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Check out Viewfinder's renders of these forgotten, yet amazing designs below:


The Full Moon would have resembled Darth Vader’s planet-sized military complex from one angle - which had earned it its nickname of 'Azerbaijan's own Death Star'. From a different angle you might've seen some likeness to London's well-known Gherkin.

However, space cadets and luxury hotel seekers will have to put their fantasies on hold for the time being as work on the hotel had quietly come to a halt. 

Full Moon Hotel

(Photo: Viewfinder / Supplied)


This extraordinary design by Will Alsop had received both praise and critique during it's conception. Some considered it to be an ethereal cloud while others saw it as the ugliest hotel design of the lot. 

The project met its untimely demise in 2004 due to financial issues and its designer, Alsop, had passed on earlier this year.

The Fourth Grace Hotel

(Photo: Viewfinder / Supplied)

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This design was birthed with the hope that it would be the largest hotel in the world. It planned to welcome guests to 2 500 rooms on a plot that was set to eat up an entire block on Broadway.

It promised a solid 28 stories to climb the height of the building which was expected to rise to about 122 metres into the air with graceful terraces lushly decorated with plants and shrubs. However, despite its Utopian intentions, the project ended up mired in legal and financial woes and was finally called off way back in 1925.

The Hotel Commonwealth

(Photo: Viewfinder / Supplied)

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Oil millionaire Rogers Lacy commissioned legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright to build a real gem. Wright was customarily bombastic with his ideas when designing this glistening tower-like structure.

In fact, he claimed his Shard-like skyscraper hotel would 'glisten in the night' and argued that it should be named the 'Lone Star'.

But, unfortunately, Wright's dreams were just a little too big, and the project stalled even before Lacy's premature death. Wright later recycled some of his unused ideas for the Price Tower that lives in Bartlesville.

Rogers Lacy Hotel

(Photo: Viewfinder / Supplied)

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Planned to be a 2 000-room Aztec-style pyramid hotel with a 20-story atrium and flaming water feature, the Xanadu would undoubtedly have been an eye-catcher.

You'd be able to pick it out even among the outrageous facades of Tropicana and the pulsating Las Vegas Boulevard.

Unfortunately, a dispute arose over sewer line installations and the project was, well, flushed. The good news is that there are still plenty of Las Vegas hotels with architectural features that surpass expectations.

Xanadu Hotel

(Photo: Viewfinder / Supplied)


I  know what you're thinking - this design might be a little out there. Maybe the designer reached a bit too far to the stars, but there's no denying that a hotel on the moon would've been pretty epic. Barron Hilton was inspired by the buzz of the space race to create a fleet of ‘Orbiter Hilton’ satellite hotels, with a flagship Hilton Hotel under the surface of the moon.

Guests would've stayed in luxury rooms built from authentic lunar soil, the guest’s cuisine, at least, would be a little more mundane: freeze-dried steaks shipped from Earth and warmed up in a 'nuclear-reactor kitchen'. And, although Hilton’s big ideas sparked a short-lived space-hotel race, the cost per head would have put room prices, quite literally, out of spatial reach of us mere mortal Earthlings, and the designs were put back in the drawer… for now.

Lunar Hilton Hotel

(Photo: Viewfinder / Supplied)

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