Iconic plane spotting beach St Martins makes changes after tourist's death

2017-07-25 10:39 - Ishani Chetty
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Cape Town - We've all seen it, that crazy, scary beach that allows tourists to stand a mere fence away from massive aircraft as they take off.

However, the iconic Moho beach has turned deadly after a 57-year-old women was knocked over by the jet blast from a plane taking off at Prince Juliana International Airport. The woman hit her head on the concrete and died due to her injuries.

Moho Beach usually allows travellers and aviation enthusiasts to get up close and personal with airplanes as they take off and land but due to this incident - changes will be put in place to increase measures of safety.

Although there are visible warnings signs along the beach telling people to not get too close in proximity and that the jet blasts can be dangerous - it still appears that on lookers continue to get up close and personal for a candid shot of the airplanes.  

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Dangerous incidents

This is the first recorded death that has taken place due to the plane jet blasters and the beaches proximity but it is not the first dangerous incident that has occurred.

In 2012, Times News reported that a tourist was blown backwards by the jet blaster causing them to hit their head on a concrete barrier and seriously injure themselves. 

Increased safety measures

Following the incident, new safety measures are to include rerouting the flight traffic along the runway to keep tourists at a safe distance.  Plans to reroute vehicular traffic away from the airport runway are also being considered.

The danger of jet blasters from a plane is clear in their power as 100 knots with a hurricane level exhaust if one is within 61 meters behind the aircraft according to a report issued by NASA. This indicates the power of the jet blaster with winds reaching that level it can cause damage to on lookers. 

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As indicated by the images the planes do fly dangerously low and close to the beach front when landing and taking off. 

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The state says this change will not cause a disruption to the public being able to view the the aircraft but rather it ensures a safe distance in which they can view the planes taking off and landing.  

Travellers and aviation enthusiasts should be weary when in close proximity to airplanes as they take off and land. Within the airport's across the world precautions are taken in order to ensure that travellers when disembarking are not within close range to the jet blasters and the planes exhaust. 

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