Gouda news! A new London restaurant opens with a conveyor-belt of cheesy dreams

2019-09-18 18:45 - Gabi Zietsman
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Sweet dreams are definitely made of cheese. 

And it's been realised in reality for lucky Londoners, as a new restaurant opens with a sushi-style conveyor belt offering over 25 different kinds of cheese from all over the UK.

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Called Pick and Cheese (good one) at the Seven Dials Market in Central London, it claims to be the first of its kind, where each cheesy gouda-ness is paired with individual condiments alongside a selection of small producer wines. 

It's on a first-come, first-served basis with potentially long waiting times, but there are two booths available for booking for a maximum of six people for when the whole crew wants to get their brie on.

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According to CNN Travel, the cheese plates are colour-coded so you can snack on whatever catches your fancy, or rather opt for a pre-selected course. You can also order other delightful dishes from the menu, like a whole baked Waterloo with basil stewed blackberries and bread, or blue cheese soft serve.

Some coma-inducing UK delectables that you can expect to find include Stilton, Cornish Gouda, clothbound Cheddar, Yorkshire Pecorino, Red Leicester and Beenleigh Blue. The plates range from £2.95 (about R54 at R18,28/£) to £6.10 (about R112) per serving.

Let's hope some enterprising individual decides to bless us with this delight in South Africa.

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