Fetid attraction: London fatberg to go on museum display

2017-12-13 10:30
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AP/Frank Augstein

AP/Frank Augstein

London - Part of a monster fatberg that clogged one of London's sewers is destined for fame in a museum.

The Museum of London says it will put the only remaining chunk of the 130-metric-ton mass of oil, fat, diapers and baby wipes on display early next year.

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Workers for utility company Thames Water spent weeks this year dislodging the smelly 250-meter-long blob by breaking it up with high-powered hoses.

The museum's shoebox-sized chunk is all that remains. The rest has been converted to biofuel.

Curator Vyki Sparkes said Tuesday that it will be "one of the most fascinating and disgusting objects we have ever had on display."

"Everything about fatberg is challenging, especially collecting and curating it, but as the Museum of London we cannot shy away from engaging with the challenges this city faces."

It has been air-dried to reduce the smell and will be displayed in a sealed unit.

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In a press release, the museum notes that this fatberg is an example of the pressure that modern trash is putting on the city's ancient sewerage infrastructures and "is a comment on our increasingly disposable society."

By putting the fatberg on display, the museum wants to create a discussion around the increases in urban populations and the affect this has on infrastructure, and the massive chunk of gross is a vivid representation of this issue.

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