Expedia drops the F-bomb!

2016-10-21 09:03
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Cape Town - Imagine booking your dream holiday via your trusted booking partner, Expedia for example, excitedly logging on to check the itinerary planned for your family and BOOM - they email you saying 'F*** You!' and your trip is cancelled? Yup, that actually happened!

Cara Viramontes, a Californian mom and teacher, booked a trip for her family, including her eight-month-old baby. After being charged travel insurance for the baby, Viramontes called the company with a complaint. Viramontes was confused about paying travel insurance for her son who does not even require a plane ticket. 

After receiving questionable service, Viramontes decided to answer an online survey, well, honestly - as one should, right?

In the survey Viramontes said "do you know what, the lady wasn’t helpful – I asked to speak with the supervisor and she wouldn’t let me.”

And two days later, the e-mail, simply stating 'F*** you!' reached Viramontes. Not only did Expedia address the client with fowl language, they simply cancelled the booking, reports The Telegraph

“I thought it was a joke. Everyone I show, their first reaction is they laugh they think it’s a joke. Nobody can believe that a company as credible as Expedia would ever do something like this,” she said.

After receiving the e-mail, Viramontes reportedly called customers services only to hear it was her fault the reservation had been cancelled. Expedia initially refused to refund her for plane tickets she was asked to pay an additional $200 (about R2 800 @ R13.95/$) to rebook.

Really Expedia?

Since the incident, Expedia told CBS LA: “We take this matter very seriously and have opened up an investigation analysing every click and action made by our customer service agents.”

Expedia agreed to rebook the flights, make a refund and issue a $500 (about R7 000) voucher.

Fellow travellers are just as outraged on social media:

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