Daily Skinny: London Airport bomb saga, Madiba Rands & Centenaries, #CulturedAF!

2018-02-12 16:30 - Saara Mowlana
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Talk about a grey Monday! But with a little rainbow nation celebration.

Here's what you missed: 

Weather Update: Fire danger warning in west, widespread showers expected across SA

The morning started off quite lit, please be safe.

#WaterCrisis UPDATE: Watertight strategies for Cape events, Pool damage headaches uncovered, WP club rugby postponed

Water-Cry-Seas updates to keep you going while we wait for the water to be flowing.

London City Airport closed after WWII bomb found

London City Airport announced its closure on Sunday after a World War Two bomb was discovered in the nearby River Thames.

WATCH: 3 dead, 4 rescued after Grand Canyon helicopter crash

A helicopter tragedy in the Grand Canyon saw 3 dead with 4 survivors - crash circumstances are unknown.

Rands & Centenaries: The South African Reserve Bank honours Madiba with new banknotes

The SARB have announced the introduction of new banknotes and R5 coins in honour of Madiba's centenary - new notes and coins are expected to be released in July 2018.

PICS: New Dubai hotel beats record for world's tallest by 1 metre

Talk about Dubai stepping it up another level!

#BlackPanther Backlash: Overwhelmingly black & beautiful places you need to see

Taking the negativity and turning it into beauty.

#Madiba100: SA plans top Nelson Mandela's centenary celebrations across SA for 2018

A list of events and initiatives taking place in honour of Madiba's centenary.

#CulturedAF: How to be culturally sensitive when travelling

Tips for those who just can't tell the difference between person and muse or culture and costume.

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