Daily Skinny: A borderless Africa raises hopes, 20 most dangerous roads in SA , #FutureIsClean

2017-12-07 16:27
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#FutureIsClean: Global warming outpacing current forecasts - study

The United Nations' forecast for global warming is about 15% too low.

A borderless Africa? Some countries open doors, raise hopes

Kenya and countries raise hopes by loosening visa rules.

Dubai unveils a new zip line among towering skyscrapers

One of the world's longest zip lines.

#AfriTravel: Senegal opens brand new airport after a 7-year delay

After seven years a new airport is open!

Stay safe this festive season: Here’s your emergency need-to-know info

Your need-to-know holiday safety and emergency info, all in one place.

DHA announces extended festive season hours for 'busy' SA ports of entry

A festive season plan for South Africa's key ports of entry.

Icelandic volcano with unpronounceable name showing signs of potential eruption

A 22-metre depression in the snow is the only visible sign.

NYC museum refuses to remove 'sexually suggestive' painting of girl

No can do, says the museum. 

WATCH: Why delivery robots might never come to SA!?

Robots are taking over the world!

Uber drivers share most popular drop-off points in Cape Town, Jozi

Can you guess the spots?

MAP: 20 most dangerous roads in SA to stay alert on this silly season

Stay alert!

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