Chinese escape to Africa because of heat wave

2017-08-12 10:19 - Gabi Zietsman
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Cape Town - With Chinese cities scorching in the summer heat, many Chinese tourists are heading to Africa for cooler climates.

According to China Daily, the number of tourists booking their holidays on a Chinese travel agency for Africa almost doubled since last year. The Chinese media outlet also mentioned a viral video of an African expat claiming he's going back to his hometown because it's cooler, has also helped spur on the tourist migration to Africa.

China Daily also estimates that the travellers are between 25- and 40-years-old, indicating that Africa is popular with young adults.

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South Africa is on the list of most popular African countries to be visited, including Kenya, Morocco, Tunisia and Mauritius. The southern hemisphere countries are especially appealing as the season is cooler than in northern hemisphere.

China is an important trading partner of South Africa, and last year reported a growth of 38% visitors from the country.

In June, a China Tourism evening was hosted where DA MP James Vos highlighted the importance of making it easier for the two countries to access each other through better flight routes and the establishment of visa centers in nine Chinese cities.

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