#CapeRain: Flights to CT airport still normal while Twitter cosies up for the cold front

2018-06-14 12:30 - Gabi Zietsman
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Two african penguins standing in the rain

A cold front is bringing some much-needed rain the thirsty Cape Town. (Photo: iStock)

Rain, rain, please stay!

Normally a weather report of a cold front storm will be most unwelcome, but in Cape Town, the 100% rain on Thursday, 14 June has been met with celebration as the city still faces severe water restrictions. The City of Cape Town however urges all residents to 'keep saving even when it's raining' as it will still take many rainfalls for the dams to recover.

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Those commuting to work and school though had some mixed feelings on Twitter, with one person even calling it 'Satan's waterfall' as the skies opened up with torrential rain. 

While we hope all the rain finds itself in our thirsty dams, travellers have been worried about the effect of the weather on flights coming into the still-named Cape Town International Airport, but for now all scheduled flights will be operating as normal according to airlines.

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Trolls have also jumped on the bandwagon, circulating a fake warning about the storm reaching hurricane-level wind speeds and causing general panic, but the South African Weather Service has denounced this as a hoax. The rain is expected to stick around for Friday as well, with a break on Saturday in time for Youth Day celebrations, but the rain will return again for Father's Day on Sunday.

For the real weather report for Thursday, read it here.

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Whether you're staying warm at home or had to brace the downpour on your commute, the Twitterverse is bringing the heat on Cape Town's weather.