#AfriTravel: 'Virtual city' boost planned for Zim

2018-03-01 18:00 - Ethan Van Diemen
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Cape Town - Tourism in Zimbabwe is being seen as a major economic driver - with a specialised tourism zone being expanded to improve the appeal of one of South Africa's favourite border-crossing destinations. 

Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry Zimbabwe has confirmed the government plans on expanding its regional tourism hub, across the areas of Hwange, Kariba and Victoria Falls.  

Speaking at Meetings Africa, which took place in Sandton between 27 and 28 February, the  Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Industry Prisca Mupfumira confirmed the country's new president Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe has prioritised this Special Economic Zone (SEZ) - as expansion is seen as a means to help reverse the fortunes of the domestic economy as the country emerges from decades of isolation.   

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Mupfumira has acted on the instruction of the President by advertising opportunities for potential investors. In particular, emphasis was placed on sporting and medical tourism to supplement conventional tourism.

The Minister spoke about the possibility of transforming the Hwange-Victoria Falls-Kariba belt into a “virtual city”, with world class artificial beaches, hotels and conference centers, among a host of other business opportunities.

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“We invite investors to take advantage of this opportunity while it still lasts. It’s a first-come-first-served or winner takes all," says Mupfumira. 

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