PICS: Flash floods and heavy rain along KZN’s coast

2017-11-11 10:45 - Kavitha Pillay
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Cape Town - Heavy rain and flash floods hit KwaZulu-Natal's coast on Friday, 10 November, coupled with hail and strong winds in parts.

While more than 100mm of rain has been measured, the storm has luckily not brought on destruction like the recent Durban thunderstorm.

However, rescue and emergency services such Rescue Care and The Fatal Moves Team have advised travellers in Pinetown to be cautious on roads as there are debris on roads due to the heavy rainfall.

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The storm has affected the entire KZN coast, from flash floods in Port Shepstone to heavy rainfall in Mandeni.

While SA's east experiences heavy rain, the west remains dry with water cuts expected in Cape Town.

South African Weather Service (SAWS) says that on Saturday, 11 November, rain is expected to continue in the eastern parts of the country while high fire conditions are expected in the western provinces. See the full weather report here.

"Light rain showers are expected in the east with thunderstorms expected to develop later this afternoon [Saturday] over parts of Mpumalanga and Limpopo," says SAWS.

Check out the heavy rainfall and flash floods in KZN on Friday:

Precautions to take during thunderstorms

SAWS urges residents to go inside when thunder starts roaring, and avoid metal object and playing sports outside. They also recommend disconnecting electrical appliances.

During heavy rain, please stay indoors and avoid crossing rivers and streams that are above your ankles. Never drive on a road covered in water, and if trapped in a vehicle or if it stalls, abandon it and get to higher ground.

In buildings make sure your valuables are safely secured, and switch off electricity at the supply point, and if you have livestock take your animals to higher ground.

SAWS also advises to be especially cautious at night when you may be unable to detect flood dangers. Listen to the radio and TV for any emergency broadcasts from disaster officials.

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