What flying Business Class is really like

2018-10-16 14:00 - Marisa Crous
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We walk past those spacious seats with all that extra legroom on our way to Economy.

It's like the ultimate walk of shame.

Yet, what do Business Class flyers actually experience when flying? All airlines offer different luxuries.

Flying Cathay Pacific Business Class a few years ago to China was bliss. Champagne on arrival. French. Delicious meal options from either the Western or Chinese menu and a seat more comfortable than any recliner I've ever sat on. 

However, flying Business Class as an exception, and not a rule, ruins you. You can never go back. But you have no choice, because money.  

If you choose to treat yourself or are flying for business, here's a few things you can expect when doing the Business Class thing: 

Turkish Airlines

Business class passengers on many Turkish Airlines flights can now choose their meals in advance and take advantage of dining on demand. These innovative new offerings add to Turkish Airlines’s in-flight service which won the prestigious Skytrax ‘Best Business Class Onboard Catering Award' for the fourth time in 2017. 

The ‘Meal Selection Before Flight’ option can be booked via the Turkish Airlines website or mobile app and is currently available in business class for all inter-continental flights out of Istanbul including the Johannesburg and Cape Town routes. 

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The ‘Dine on Demand’ service allows business class passengers on overnight flights to determine when they want to dine and when they want to rest. This customised, flexible service is available on Johannesburg and Cape Town flights both to and from Istanbul.


Enjoy gourmet cuisine and up to 3 500 channels of entertainment, or take a stroll to the onboard lounge. Yes. Onboard lounge. Bougie as can be. 

Air France

Sleep (very) easy with its offering of a hypoallergenic feather pillow, a soft and soothing duvet and a 'comfort and well-being' kit containing toiletries and Clarins skin treatment.

Oman Air

Oman Air’s Business Class seat is arguably one of the best. It even boasts that it outshines most other airlines’ First Class offering.

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The airline is also very proud of its award-winning wines and champagnes served to you in quality glasswear. 

Virgin Airlines

A chauffeur service will ferry you from your own front door to the sliding doors of the airport terminal, completely free of charge for Business Class peeps. Virgin Australia’s international long haul services may be eligible for an extra special limousine service.


A variety of excellent local wines are served on board. 24 white and 24 red of the very best vintages have been exclusively selected from more than 730 South African wine producers.

Qatar Airlines

Enjoy a whopping 4000 entertainment options as you sit back and relax. Perfect for binge-watchers. 

Singapore Airlines

'Book the Cook' as per your schedule, and indulge in uninterrupted sleep as you recline on your fully-flat bed. 

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