WATCH: The most honest airline ad ever made

2016-09-16 08:33
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Cape Town - The only thing worse than flying with a real entry-level low-cost airline, is having to hear from that same airline how 'good' they actually are.

We've all seen the airline advertisements showing happy travellers smiling, giving the thumbs up and chatting to the friendly airline staff. But we all know this is not how it typically goes on a low-cost carrier... 

That's why spoof YouTuber Ryan Higa's new parody on what it’s really like to fly in coach class on the average airline hits the nail on the head.

Okay, so he takes things a little too far in some instances - like when he shows the pilot knocking back a cocktail while on the job. This is very unlikely to occur on any commercial flight. But other issues, like dirty tray-tables, annoying passengers and rude airline staff, is something we're all too familiar with. 

Oh, and don't get us started with airline staff mishandling our 'fragile' luggage... 

Check out the hilarious spoof here: 

In South Africa, luckily, we have a top notch low-cost domestic airline industry. Just last month, for example, British Airways and it's low-cost partner was named the top brand in the Domestic Airline Business category of the 2016 by the latest Sunday Times Top Brands Survey. 

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And just before, in July, South African Airways, kulula and Mango was named as the Best in Africa at the Skytrax World Airline awards for 2016. 

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